Inbound Marketing

How to turn inbound marketing into business success

How to turn inbound marketing into business success

We might be biased, but we think that inbound marketing is the ticket to business success in a world where Google processes around 3.5 billion searches per day, and 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created online every 24 hours. Getting your business seen in that maelstrom of information is the first challenge; the next is getting potential leads to visit your website and then become customers. It might seem like an impossible task, but with the right tactics, and access to data, the growth of your business and profits are guaranteed.

Stop interrupting, and start engaging your audience

The old customer-business paradigm based around a one way flow of information and an exchange of money for a product is outdated. Customers have more buying power in the form of information, and a voice thanks to social media – businesses who don’t acknowledge this and adjust how they communicate and engage their audiences will lose out to the competition. It’s time to stop interrupting your audience with unwanted marketing messages, and begin engaging them with the view to instilling trust in them – an essential step in ensuring inbound marketing and business success.

Customers might have stopped judging books by their covers, but they’ve only just started judging a business by its content

You’ve probably heard the phase “content is king”. But what does it really mean? Your content is your first and foremost brand ambassador. It speaks louder than any spokesperson for your company could – and it’s one of the first touch points a potential customer has with your business. They’ll use it to form an opinion of your brand, and if they can’t derive any value from it, they’ll choose a business whose content resonates with them. Content is also king because we consume so much of it – from social media posts and memes, to news articles and YouTube videos. If SEO is the bait, then content is the hook that’ll drive visitors to your website, and keep them coming back. And with so much poor content available on the web, you need to ensure that the content you create is highly targeted to your audience, educates and entertains them.

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Once you’ve got visitors to your site, you can nurture them into leads with further content and calls to action

Content marketing might be an integral part of inbound marketing, but it can’t grow your business single handedly. It needs ancillary activities like calls to action, landing pages, lead nurturing, forms, metrics and data to help it convert leads to delighted customers. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blogs, your website forms the nucleus of the bulk of your inbound activities. Not only does this make implementing your strategy easy (it’s all online), but every interaction your site visitors and leads have with your site can be recorded and analysed. If you notice that blogs about financial management are bringing in the most leads, you can create more content around that topic. Or, if a call to action isn’t getting any clicks, you can tweak its design or position on the site to see if that impacts its efficacy. To turn a strategy into success, in the form of higher conversion rates, you need to be constantly monitoring the data against metrics and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

All businesses – from digital startups to age-old chemical manufacturers can enjoy growth through inbound

By now you probably want a few real life examples of how businesses have used inbound marketing to bring them business success. You might even think that it’s only cool and funky startups like Realty Ninja and Hubstaff, among others, that have enjoyed business and brand growth from it. Yet, the Fisher Tank Company, established in 1948, has harnessed the power of inbound to turn its business around. Through re-designing their site to make it more visually appealing and inbound-friendly, in 12 weeks they managed to increase web traffic by 119% and increase lead conversions by 3900%. Pretty impressive.

Get the right people to execute your strategy

To generate and convert leads, create winning content and correctly analyse the data that will drive all of this – i.e. translate your strategy into business success – you need to be digitally adept and have an understanding of how all the different components of inbound marketing interplay. You might know your business, industry and what makes your customers tick like no-one else, but if you don’t enlist the right people to leverage that in depth knowledge into an inbound marketing strategy, you won’t achieve the growth you’re looking for.

At 100 degrees, we understand what it takes to turn an inbound marketing strategy into business growth. If you’d like more detail about how to implement an inbound marketing plan, download our guide:

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