Inbound Marketing

How to generate quality leads with inbound marketing

Lead generation is the lifeblood of every business. Without it, your ability to grow revenue is severely hampered. But lead generation isn’t just about having a long list of potential customers to call with a sales pitch. Inbound marketing has changed this paradigm and forced businesses to rethink their approach to generating high-quality leads, as well as providing the tactics to achieve this. Instead of going out and hunting for leads, you make use of inbound strategies to let the leads come to you. By leveraging a combination of integrated lead channels – which we’re about to discuss – you can ensure your pipeline is kept full of promising prospects.

Inbound marketing starts with your website

Let’s start with the most integral part of an inbound marketing strategy – your website. As we’ve stressed multiple times in previous blogs, your website is the launchpad for all other inbound activities. It’s a living, breathing showroom for your company, your content library, as well as a means of collecting and analysing the data that measures the success of your marketing endeavours. It needs to be well-designed, enticing to your target marketing and be optimised for inbound marketing.

SEO is the tracking device that lets future leads find your business online

To bring organic traffic (visitors that can be converted into leads and then into customers) to your website, you need to master search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO ensures that your site is discoverable amid the millions of others on the web. It helps people searching for terms related to your service offering find you in search engine results. And for this you need to use keywords relevant to your personas – in your content and in your web page titles and image descriptions. So you’ve chosen the keyword “graphic designers in Johannesburg”, among others. What happens when someone types that into Google? Hopefully, your website will appear as high up on the first page as possible. A visitor clicks on your link and is transported to your website. Within eight seconds they’ll have decided whether or not to remain on the site – hence the importance of good design and being relevant to your target audience. Now, it’s content marketing’s time to shine.

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Content marketing is king when it comes to attracting and engaging leads

Best friend to inbound marketing, content marketing involves attracting and converting leads to your business through the medium of excellent, educational and topical content. It takes the form of regular blogs, eBooks, videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics and anything else your imagination can produce. The aim is to add value to your audience, and also establish your business as a reputable and trustworthy figure in your industry. Content on its own might draw visitors to your site, but it won’t convert them without a little help from its friends – calls to action, landing pages and forms.

For every call to action and content offer, you need a unique landing page

Calls to action encourage visitors to your site to do just that – take action. Whether that be to sign up for a webinar, subscribe to the newsletter or download an eBook about web design. Landing pages let them carry out said action. Every call to action should come with a unique landing page to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to understand what value they’re getting from doing whatever it is you’re inviting them to do. A landing page also contains the form that lets you capture your visitor’s contact details, thereby turning them into a lead.

Once you’ve got a lead’s contact details, it’s time to start the delicate process of lead nurturing

Once you’ve got their contact details, it’s time to set the lead nurturing process into motion with email marketing. Like with content, your email communication needs to be tailored to your lead, their interests and pain points. Your lead must feel as if you’re genuinely interested in them and their problem, and that you’re reaching out to them personally. Make sure you send your emails out at the right time, create brilliant subject lines and include calls to action in each one.

Amplify your lead generation efforts with social media

Another piece of the inbound marketing puzzle is social media marketing. It serves the dual purpose of promoting your content and amplifying your message to an audience you want to target. It’s also a way to engage one-to-one with your leads and gives your brand a personal face. Done right, social media marketing is a way to create a “volunteer marketing army”, as well as to find and nurture leads.

Inbound marketing is so effective because it’s driven by measuring and analysing data – data that’ll provide you with the necessary insights to improve lead generation. To find out more about how this powerful lead generation strategy can grow your business and how an inbound marketing agency can assist in this, download our guide:Free eBook Download