Inbound Marketing

Industries that do best with inbound marketing

Taking the leap and getting on board with inbound marketing can be a bit nerve-wracking. How do you know if the investment will pay off? Will inbound marketing fit with your business and industry? And how will you know if you’re on track to success? These are all perfectly legitimate questions that you should be asking yourself before executing an inbound marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve written this blog – to demonstrate which industries and business types thrive with an inbound marketing approach.

The bulk of B2B buyers use online search, which makes the sector ideal for adopting inbound

The B2B sector does particularly well with inbound marketing, as 94% of business buyers conduct online research before considering a product. And because inbound marketing is all about getting your website seen in search engine results and found online, it makes it a pretty suitable method for targeting B2B buyers. Inbound marketing is also an excellent route for any business with an eCommerce feature, as your potential buyers will be searching online.

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Businesses with long buying cycles and technical products lend themselves perfectly to inbound marketing

Many B2B companies have highly specialised and technical products, which often translates to much longer buying cycles. The more complex a product, the more time is usually spent evaluating and weighing it up against alternatives. This extended buying cycle is the perfect opportunity to nurture leads with valuable and insightful content about the solutions your products or services can offer – and a fantastic chance to start and develop relationships of trust with these prospects. And the more technical your product, the more your leads will benefit from a library of content about it.

Inbound builds brands online and extends their social reach

Besides generating leads ( at a lower cost per lead, too!), increasing conversion rates and maximising ROI, inbound marketing is brilliant at brand building. It does this by creating original content targeted at a specific audience, and sharing this content with specific networks on social media. Patience and consistency are required, but this technique helps drive interest and engagement with your brand and boosts its online presence. If you’re a business that feels like its online presence could be better, inbound is the ticket to help you get there.

If you offer professional services, inbound can help you leverage that knowledge

If you’re selling a professional service – you’re a lawyer, accountant, healthcare professional, or architect – knowledge and expertise are your biggest selling point. Leverage that knowledge and expertise to attract new customers. The fact that inbound revolves around nurturing leads through content gives you the perfect chance to showcase that knowledge and offer real value to your prospects. What’s more, your leads will be searching for solutions to problems you can help them fix using highly specific search terms, which makes creating a keyword strategy that much more simple.

While the industries we’ve mentioned fly under the auspices of inbound, we believe that an inbound strategy can help any and every business achieve its business goals. For more information about the mechanics of inbound, download our guide:

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