Google + is a social networking platform owned and operated by Google. The benefits of a Google + page are astounding and this powerful platform should not be ignored. Google Places is another powerful web tool designed by Google to help your website rankings in search engine results. 100 Degrees has put together a service that we call ‘Google Me.’ This niche service boosts your websites ranking and invites more traffic to your site. Google Me, by 100 Degrees, includes a Google + Page, Google Places for Business and a YouTube Channel.

Google +

Google + is currently the second largest social networking site in the world, after Facebook. Google + has features similar to most social media platforms but has something that these platforms do not offer, Google + has a big brother called Google.

The Benefits of Google +

The name says it all. This is a Google platform.
The larger your network on Google+, the more influence you have in search results.
Posts on Google+ are immediately crawled and indexed by Google.
Google search treats Google+ pages like regular websites. This means that your Google+ page has PageRank and is just as powerful as a website in terms of ranking.
It is important to note that Google + posts can most definitely retain ranking, which helps brands capture more real estate on search engine results page.
Google Places
Google Places is an online tool that no business owner should ignore. Google Places is Google’s online directory for local business search results. It displays the location of the business registered with Google Places, which enables customers to navigate to it using Google Maps. It is easier for customers to reach the exact location of the business without having to read paper maps or scribbled instructions. Google Places is especially important for businesses that have a large local customer base or whose customers are looking for something in a specific location.

The Benefits of Google Places

A Google Places listing gives you an immediate edge when marketing to your local areas.
Not only does it show up high in search results, it also allows users to review the business services and products.
Simply being listed gives you a boost in rankings for your website and therefore leads more web traffic.
Clients can choose to include specials, videos, images, operating hours and preferred payment methods into their listing.